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# 14  On the Left is Stuart Allen Wolzen and wife Jennifer Lee (Sewell) Wolzen with son Wyatt Allen Wolzen (b. April 3rd, 1998), bottom left is their daughter Morgan Michelle Wolzen (b. Jan 14, 2002), missing is third child Simon Andrew Wolzen (b. October 30, 1990). Stuart and Jennifer were married August 6, 1995 in the Westcliffe, Colorado home of Stuart's parents and as of 2013 make their home in Ottawa, KS.

Top-Right we have Stuart's parents, Gordon James Sewell, Jr. and wife Rebecca Susan (Blizzard) Sewell, married December 8, 1975 in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Bottom-Right is their son Curtis Allen Sewell (b. June 14, 1983). Curtis married his wife Charlene Nicole (Wyatt) Sewell on August 14, 2005, near Westcliffe, Colorado. They have a daughter not shown, Abigail Rose Sewell (b. October 27, 2007). Curtis and Charlene live in Westcliffe, Colorado. Jim and Becky Sewell now reside in rural Cayuga, NY.

Source - Becky Sewell
The Wolzen family
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