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Historical Colaws
Click Me  Virginia Belle Colaw  1
Click Me  Lena Leona (Ketterman) Colaw  2
Click Me  Blue Grass, Virginia homestead  3
Click Me  Gladys (Allen) Cowden   4
Click Me  Gladys (Allen) Cowden and Linda Lower  5
Click Me  William Benjamin Colaw, Sr. and children  6
Click Me  Amos and William Colaw  7
Click Me  George and Lena Leona (Ketterman) Colaw  8
Click Me  Alphous and Bertha (Ketterman) Colaw  9
  Click Me  David and Mary (Meadows) Colaw family 10
Click Me  Cyrus Welton Colaw and brother Henry 11
Click Me  Ryan and Virginia Belle (Colaw) Allen family 12
Click Me  Crabbottom Homestead before fire 13
Click Me  Cyrus W. Colaw and Banjo 14
Click Me  Walter and Cyrus W. Colaw reunion 15
Click Me  Mary Elizabeth Greenelsh Colaw 16
Click Me  Benjamin Watters Colaw and family 17
Click Me  Benedict, KS.  Baseball Team (Colaw boys) 18
Click Me  Franklin Robert Colaw's home near Rest, KS. 19
Click Me  Dyer Colaw 20
Click Me  Walter and Merbe (Herrick) Leslie 21
Click Me  Buffalo, KS. Basketball team (Colaw boys) 22
Click Me  Kansas Colaws family reunion - 1920s 23
Click Me  Charley Colaw and wife 24
Click Me  Donald and Charley's boys 25
    Historical Colaws continued
Click Me  Gertrude and Ethel Stevens 26
Click Me  Max Colaw 27
Click Me  Eureka Grocery Wagon 28
Click Me  Frank and Harry Colaw 29
Click Me  Frank, Harry and John Harmon Colaw 30
Click Me  the Colaw Boys (repeat) 31
Click Me  Papa Frank Colaw's house 32
Click Me  John Harmon and Ella (Cusey) Colaw 33
Click Me  family of John Harmon Colaw 34
Click Me  Harry, Frank and John Harmon Colaw 35
Click Me  Mayme and Imogene  36
Click Me  Mystery Reunion 37
Click Me  Mystery Reunion 38
Click Me  Mystery photo 39
Click Me  Mystery photo 40
Click Me  Mystery family 41
Click Me  Robert Ray and Papa Frank Colaw 42
Click Me  Robert Ray and Mother Lillie Belle 43
Click Me  Franklin Robert Colaw 44
Click Me  Robert Ray Colaw 45
Click Me  Robert Ray and Dot Colaw 46
Click Me  Robert Ray and Dot Colaw - publicity photo 47
Click Me  100 YRS - Cyrus Colaw and Lucinda 48
Click Me  Original Crabbottom Homestead 49
Click Me  Letcher and Levina Chew and Cyrus Colaw 50
Y'all come back now, hear?
Current/Recent Family Portraits
 Family of John and Charla Colaw
 Ruth Colaw and Linda Lower
 Ruth Colaw and Coral (Cowden) Lower
 Family of Paul and Phyllis Johnson
 Laura Marquess
 Laura Marquess, Kayla Slocum and Ruth Colaw
 Mary Lee (Colaw) Deeds and husband Ralph 
 Paul and Glenna Colaw family
 Ruth and Mary Lee Colaw
 Ruth Colaw and Coral Lower
 Jeff Lower
 Jerome and Maxine Leslie
 Russell and Esther Leslie
 Sewell and Wolzen families
 Panama City Florida
 Panama City Florida
 Panama City Florida
 San Diego Zoo
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  If your family connects with the Colaw family tree somewhere, we will gladly post a link to your family page if you have one. We will also post family or vacation pictures here for you if you wish to send them. 

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