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  # 15  Walter and Cyrus W. Colaw, reunited! 

from Newspaper article, 1961:

    "The wife said, 'Cyrus is here,' so I put down my newspaper and met him." 
 That's the way Walter Colaw, 80, of 2726 Travis, this week described his 
meeting with brother Cyrus Colaw, 67, of Watsonville, Calif.
    The two hadn't seen each other in 42 years.  "We acted like two monkeys," 
chuckled Walter Colaw.  Correspondence with a cousin in West Virginia a year 
ago caused the two brothers to find each other.  Cyrus Colaw wrote and the 
drove in from California for a visit.  Both men like hats, both have lost a 
lot of hair.  They have reared families and both are retired.  Cyrus is a 
former railroad engineer.  Walter was a school teacher in their native 
Virginia for 30 years.
    Walter Colaw says he wants to visit Cyrus in California--so come the end 
of May the two will travel there by way of Monterrey, Mexico.

Source - Ruth Colaw
Reunited after 42 years! -  Walter and Cyrus W. Colaw
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