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  # 32  Papa Frank's House in Rest KS

We think that this house was built by Franklin Robert Colaw ~ at the very least, it is where he and Lillie Belle Colaw lived until they moved to California in the early 1900's.  Franklin Robert Colaw married Lillie Belle Kirk in Rest KS in Feb 1896...

Daddy thinks that the house Benjamin Watters built was where Harry or John lived; the house pictured here was on a quarter section (120 acres), and supposedly was noted for its fine apple orchard. 

Also, the front porch was apparently used by Robert "Ray" (my grandfather) to practice his rollerskating.  Daddy remembers visiting the old home when he was very very  young and being amazed by the "pitcher pump" in the kitchen!

Source - Barbara (Colaw) Yurkshat

Papa Frank Colaw's house near Rest, Kansas
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