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  # 49  The original homestead, up the holler. George, the known patriarch at this time, along with his three oldest sons, Jesse, William (Bill) Benjamin and Cyrus, also with Peter Life, built the log part of this house. That is the part that juts out to the left from the two story part. This is the home where Paul and Glenna Colaw now live. The original home has been left much as it was, very small, and the rest of the house was built on later. The family cemetery overlooks this home from a nearby hill.

This home is up the holler in Crabbottom, VA, now called Blue Grass, just a whistle stop. The photo at the bottom is the oldest photo in black and white. The photo at the top is the one taken on our trip in 1981. Note how the tree has grown. 

The photo on the right is the reason for it all, the beginning, the promise of life.  It is of the water shed/house which covers the beginning of the natural spring from the mountain. It is because of this water source that the site was chosen to build the house. It's the little light-colored-roofed "house" on the right, close by the original log part of the house.

As you're looking at this scene, you are looking up the holler. If you were to turn around and head back down this treacherous road, you'd come finally to a paved road that brings you into Blue Grass. Then further, you'd turn off to the right to get to the brick house. But as the crow files, you'd go right out this front door and fly straight, descending a little and end up at the brick house... at the bottom of the holler. Also, if you're looking out this front door and off to the right, there's the little cemetery up the hill, just out of this picture, or off to the left of where the picture taker is standing.

Source - Ruth Colaw
The original Colaw homestead in Crabbottom (Blue Grass)
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