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Welcome to Xena's Home page!
This page is dedicated to Melancholy Xena, a digital DNA Norn from the ©Creatures Game from Mindscape, raised by the Colaw family of Kansas City, MO. She is a very special Norn, because she is truly melancholy.  This is her story. . .
* Creatures and all images are Copyright CyberLife Technology Ltd 1997 - Used by permission
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Melancholy Xena
Xena 1
Xena hatched just like any other female Norn.  She has beautiful blond hair, and is very intelligent.  She spent plenty of time at the computer, and she has traveled the entire world from one end to the other. Xena befriended a Grendel named Bizarre, whom we hatched from a Grendel egg (to get Grendel eggs, download the COB Object Editor from the Creature official website).
Anyway, because Xena was spending all of her time with Bizarre, we decided to feed the Grendel a selector lemon, so we could export the Grendel from the game. (We liked Bizarre, but Grendels are not healthy for Norns to hang around).
So, after we exported the Grendel, Xena began moping around and pouting. We tried everything to cheer her up, but to no avail. Then Xena decided she was going to get in the submarine and stay. She would ride it back and forth, back and forth, over and over again. We would drop carrots in the sub with Xena, but she would not eat very much. We were worried. She could die...
Because of our great concern, we exported her from the game. While she was exported, we made clones of her so that we could reincarnate her (we export and copy all our favorite Norns!). After you import the norn back into the game, they usually appear near the incubator.  When Xena imported in, she immediately headed East to the submarine and boarded it again!

We tried introducing her to a lot of other Norns, both male and female, young and old. But Xena is a loner, now. She isn't interested in love or friendship. Instead, she wants to escape by herself to the submarine and be left alone.
Xena 4
Our first Xena died on August 13th, 1997. We loved her very much, and it broke our all of our hearts when she passed away. We miss her badly. We tried so hard. But Xena was a first generation Norn, and we were very inexperienced...
However, the good news is that we still had our copies, so we could keep cloning her and bringing her back and trying something different. In this way, Xena lives forever!

That is when we decided to put up the Planet Colaw Norn Adoption Center. We hoped that by making Xena available for adoption, that someone could have a chance at curing her depression. Someone who could love a Norn...
And did they! Thanks so much to all of you who have taken the trouble to contact us about your experiences with our beloved Xena (and Purple Calvin!).
There is a Xena owner's journal at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to leave your stories and comments. Thanks!

We have had a pregnant Xena sent back to us, as well as a number of children she has had out in cyberspace that have been sent back to us.  A few of her children are immortal. Yogi is one of these. He will breed more baby immortal Norns than you will believe. He definately has superior DNA :)
Immortal Yogi and his momma, Melancholy Xena!
As Yogi gets older, he looks like he has 6 horns!   Here he is, with his daughter Boo Boo... (we have been told that the "horns" are just the Norn starting to grey because of old age).
And next, we have Yogi's immortal father, Tim. We would like to thank Melanie Halford for sending us Tim and Yogi. Melanie downloaded Xena and was the first person to get Xena to breed. The lucky norn was immortal Tim. Thanks Melanie! Here's Tim...

Because of Xena's immense popularity, she now has this home page.  Please feel free to create your own Xena pages. If you do, email us the URL and we will link to you for a link back to us. You are welcome to any of the images we have here, as long as you display the Creatures copyright notice. Even though we took some liberty with the images, they are the official property of Cyberlife :)
Xena 1Xena 2Xena 3Xena 4Xena 5
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Xena    The original Melancholy Xena   
  Xena's immortal son, Yogi (6 horns as adult) 
Xena 5   Pregnant Xena, ready to lay egg soon 
Tim   Immortal Tim, Yogi's father
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Angel  Boo Boo, Yogi's daughter (Beautiful, BIG Smiler) 
no picture  Boots,  Xena's son (Yes, he has boots on!) 
Bizarre (Grendel)  BIZZARE (Xena's first best friend, a Grendel)  
Yes, you can import Bizarre into your game (Careful!)
Hobbes  Cindy, daughter of Xena (not immortal) 
no picture  Yolanda, another daughter of Xena (not immortal)
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