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Welcome to the Colaw family's collection of Norns (and a Grendel) for the ©Creatures game from Mindscape...
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* Creatures and all images are Copyright CyberLife Technology Ltd 1997 - Used by permission
Please help yourself to our collection of Norns and our Grendel (above). Most of these Norns have been exported at an early age.  Click on the images for a larger view.  Shift/Click on the Name to download that creature. Save them into you Creatures directory, and then you can import them while the game is running. (Yes, you can import the Grendel). To export a Grendel from the game, you must feed them a selector lemon (download from official page). And visit Planet Xena!

Of particular interest is Calvin, our second generation Purple Mountain Norn. Calvin's parents were Aaron and Sandy, who we downloaded from the official creatures web site. 
Xena 1Xena 2Xena 3Xena 4Xena 5
Also, we have one Norn who we dearly love, but who suffers from loneliness and depression! That would be Xena.  To learn more about Xena, go to Planet Xena, her own page!

to download:
Calvin   Calvin (Purple Mountain Norn) 
Xena  Xena (Lonely and needs love) 
Adam  Adam (very cute male) 
* NOTE  Remember, Click thumbnails for larger pic, 
HOLD SHIFT and CLICK NAME to download...
Angel  Angel (she's a beauty) 
Billy  Billy (a quick learner) 
Chrys  Chrys (Extremely intelligent female) 
Hobbes  Hobbes ( lovely and smart female) 
* Save into your Creatures directory...
(Usually C:Program FilesCreatures ) 
Jacob  Jacob (bright male Norn who likes to eat) 
Minnie  Minnie (very loving female Norn) 
Legolas  Legolas (male Norn, loves the computer) 
Rose  Rose (could use a little cheering up) 
* NOTE Remember, Click thumbnails for larger pic, 
HOLD SHIFT and CLICK NAME to download...
Ricky Jr.  Ricky Jr. (Exceptional male Norn, Very happy!) 
Robert  Robert (quick learner, cool male) 
Ricky Sr.   Ricky (father of Ricky Jr) 
Bizarre (Grendel) BIZZARE (Our very own GRENDEL)
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We love our Creatures, and hope you do, too!
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