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# 50     Lavina (Colaw) Chew and her husband Letcher Chew.  Shown with their nephew young Cyrus Colaw.  

Providence of this photo:

I was making some reprints of some old photos for Harve, and came across a little white envelope that had some photos from "Aunt" Imogene to my dad ~ one of them was the photo attached.  Perhaps if you put this onto the gallery, someone else will be able to help out Ruthie and myself. 
On the back, it says: 
"William and Sabina Gum Colaw and Cyrus, grandson of Cyrus and Lucinda White Colaw.  Crabbottom, VA"
Now, Ruthie confirms that Cyrus in this photo is her dad, and he appears to be in uniform, so that it would seem to be about 1917 or thereabouts. 
The question is about the other two:  Obviously, it can't be Sabina Gum ~ she died in 1859.  And it can't be William Benjamin Sr. ~ he died in 1896.  So who are these people?

Source - Barbara Yurkshat

Okay, went to my sister's today and she explained who they were.... It's the lady that is the blood relative of young Cy in the picture.  It's his aunt Lavina (Colaw) Chew and her husband Letcher Chew.  Lavina is David Colaw's sister, Lavina and David are the senior Cyrus' children.   This was after all in Crabbottom, not in Illinois or Kansas, so guess the two factions would not meet again until recently...by us.  Way in the back of my mind, I kept thinking Chew as the name but couldn't come up with anything concrete. 

Lavina was born 5 Oct 1859 and died 22 Apr 1946.  It is Lavina and Letcher Chew's daughter Eva Chew that our parents took us to meet sometime in our childhood, so she would have been our first cousin, once removed, in other words, Daddy's first cousin.  She lived in California like we did.  We also met Crystal as kids, she's our first cousin, Walter Colaw's daughter.  She now lives in PA and is 89 I think.

Now, what's interesting is that on my sister's copy of this photo, it has written the same as yours does, Barbara, but then it's crossed out by Anne Golladay herself saying that is incorrect.  Anne must have sent it to Mary Lee because we had not had it when we were young...

                 So, mystery solved.  It's still the Virginia Colaws.

- Ruthie Colaw
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